We follow simple, yet effective, copywriting and editing processes that deliver brilliant results.

How We Work

Once you engage us, the copywriting process begins

Like most copywriters, we require payment of 50% of the quoted price before beginning your project.

While this protects us, we’ve found it also gives our clients strong motivation to allocate time to get the project finished to deadline.

Sometimes we can begin as soon as you’ve accepted our quote, but you should allow two weeks, depending on the size of your project.

That said, we like to get stuck in and often complete work ahead of deadline.

If you have an urgent job, we’ll do our best to fit it into our schedule, especially if you’re a regular client.

First, we borrow your shoes and pick your brain

Before we start writing your copy, we step into your shoes, figuratively speaking.

This helps us understand your company, your philosophy and the goals of your project – whether they are boosting profits or simply communicating more effectively with your clients or members.

Then we research your product or service, your industry, and your competitors. To help us, we ask an expert – you.

The copywriter will be asking you such questions as:

  • What benefits do your services/products offer?

  • What makes them different/better than those of your competitors?

  • What is your target audience?

  • What do clients/customers need or want from you?

  • Why should they trust you?

Using phone interviews and follow-up emails for clarification, we get the answers we need to begin writing your copy.

Then, we develop the tone and style

For most projects, we write a first draft of a key page or section of copy.

This Style Proof allows you to approve the tone and style we’ve adopted. We will make any adjustments in the second draft and, if necessary, a final draft.

Determining the style early is important. Please note, if you change the style after the copywriting process is underway we will bill you for the extra hours it takes to complete the rewrite.

Next, the copywriting begins in earnest

When we are clear on the style and have all the information we need, we begin writing. We also allow for two reviews for these documents.

Most of our effort goes into the first draft. Before sending it to you, we polish it to a high sheen.

Making changes is simple. You will receive draft copy in a MS Word document that has the Track Changes feature turned on.

Typically, these changes are minor: A few words here or there, a phrase added or deleted.

Making changes this way is usually easier and quicker than phone calls and emails.

More than words, it’s a relationship

As you can see, what we do is not simply about writing pretty words.

Our aim is to build a productive, working relationship with you so you’ll get a great result. We hope you will use our copywriting and editing services again – and recommend us, too.

When the job’s done, you pay us the remaining 50%. And, you get your shoes back!

We’d love to discuss your project. Contact Editeam by email or on (02) 6691 1123 for a chat, or to obtain a fixed-price quote.