From a sow’s ear to a silk purse: we turn ordinary copy into extra-ordinary copy.


We'll make your content clear, engaging - and error-free

Jargon, clichés, misspelled words, poor grammar – they all scream out from the page.

Errors not only reflect badly on you, but they can confuse and mislead your readers.

If you need to turn dull or poorly written copy into engaging, compelling content, give us a call.  See how OzAccom Group's web copy read after one of our editors went to work on it.

Editeam’s editors have edited and/or rewritten content for internet and intranet, sales and marketing material, newsletters, and much more.  

As well as correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation, Editeam can:

  • Focus the copy and structure the content logically

  • Ensure the words are right for your intended audience

  • Write snappy, eye-catching headings and captions

  • Proofread material – printed or electronic

Editeam has worked with government and commercial clients of all shapes and sizes on projects ranging from a single page document, to a substantial government policy document.

Like to know more about Editeam’s editing services? Contact Editeam by email or call us today on (02) 6619 1123 to discuss your project.