To win the hearts and minds of gun-shy customers, you need words that really aim up.

Direct Marketing/Sales Letter

Words that fight for you from the opening salvo

In DM marketing and sales letters, the copywriting literally has to fight for its life. It’s every word to the trenches!

Letterboxes and inboxes are inundated with sales offers, so your message has to stand out to immediately grab the attention of readers.

Editeam’s job is to ensure your sales pitch hits its target quickly with clear, convincing words and a compelling call to action.

Gathering the 'troops' for your campaign

First, we launch an irresistible headline: one that homes in on the reader’s needs.

We might lob a no-brainer question – ‘Want to save more on …?’ or ‘Need a better way to …’. (You already know the answer, right?).

Sometimes it is more effective to put the benefits up front, like ‘Lower your internet costs …’, ‘Lap up a little luxury this weekend at …”

Next, we will:

  • Present your product or service

  • Sell the advantages and benefits

  • Confirm your credibility.

Finally, we make it easy for your readers to take action.

If you need DM material or a sales letter, contact Editeam by email or call us on (02) 6619 1123 to discuss your project.