Words that quickly engage readers and convince them to act.

Brochure Copywriting

Words that engage, convince and sell

A brochure has a lot to do in a short time. It has to immediately grab your reader’s interest, present your product or service convincingly, and get the reader to take action.

When we write copy for a print or online brochure, our job is to:

  • Engage your readers right from the opening line and show them you understand their needs.

  • Introduce your solution. Not just ‘sell’ your product or service, but clearly ‘sell’ the benefits.

  • Convey your credibility by convincing potential clients that you can deliver on your claims.

We do all that in a succinct style that connects with readers and makes it compelling and easy for them to respond to your message.

Whether it’s copywriting for a brochure or another print or web project, contact Editeam for a no-obligation discussion on (02) 6619 1123, or to get a fixed-price quote.