Put our creative writing and editing skills to work for you.

About Us

We have decades of 'fingers-on' copywriting and editing experience

Troy Kippen and Laurie Sullivan combine more than 40 years of writing and editing experience in:

  • Website copywriting

  • Print and online media roles (journalism, sub-editing)

  • Marketing/PR/advertising copywriting

  • Corporate communications

You name it, we’ve probably written it: internet and intranet content, blogs, news articles, feature articles, columns, speeches, advertorials, newsletters, brochures, case studies, annual reports, and more.

We’ve completed copywriting projects for local, national and international clients.

We are passionate about Plain Language and are members of PLAIN (Plain Language Association InterNational).

Simple words, concise sentences and short paragraphs make for effective communication: The message is clear and understood by people of all reading levels.

Get Editeam involved early in your project

Editeam is not just about pretty words (although they will be good!). We’re also about productive relationships with our clients.

We work closely with you or your project or marketing team to deliver copywriting that gets results.

We’ve found that the earlier you get Editeam involved in your print or online project, the more successful the outcome.

We love being part of the creative process from the outset so we can offer advice on copy auditing, strategy and content management.

That said, you can involve Editeam in the copywriting process at any stage of your project.

We can edit or rewrite your copy

Editeam will also edit or rewrite existing web content, or copy for any other purpose.

If you need to turn dull or poorly written copy into engaging, compelling content, we can give it a professional makeover.

Whether you engage us from the outset or after the project is underway, Editeam will deliver on time, on theme, and on budget.

Editeam has offices on the NSW North Coast and Queensland (Australia).

We’d love to discuss your project. Contact us today for a no-obligation assessment or a fixed-price quote on (02) 6691 1123 or by email.