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Sparking Interest with Web Copy

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Company: FCF Fire and Electrical

Client: Alyte Creative

Industry/interest: Fire Protection Services

Required: Web Copy

Alyte Creative needed SEO content for FCF Fire and Electrical’s new website.

The brief was to convey the company as a highly mobile team of qualified professionals able to respond to clients across the state, including those in remote locations.

The copy also had to reflect the company’s capacity to provide its fire protection and electrical services either separately or together.

We worked directly with the client, himself a hard-working and ambitious young electrician keen to expand his market and grow his business.

Our interviews, supported by content templates, made it easy for him to provide the details we needed to create punchy, engaging copy targeting commercial, industrial and residential property owners across Queensland. We wrote a section just for customers in remote areas, who often find it difficult to find a provider willing to service them.

Online sales leads have risen significantly and the company is planning to integrate a new e-commerce site for its fire protection products.

Copywriters Opening New Markets

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Company: Campertrolley

Client:Wolf Tracks

Industry/interest: Retail Electronics

Required: Web Copy

Campertrolley is a portable, remote-controlled device that takes the frustration (and hernias) out of manoeuvering caravans, boats and light aircraft into tight spaces in congested locations.

The copy supplied by the client to web designers, Wolf Tracks focused only on the technical features of these versatile ‘mini tractors’, and targeted caravan owners. The fact that it could also be used for boats and light aircraft was almost an afterthought.

So, the first step was a logical and, as it turned out, easy one: Convince the client that our copywriting should broaden Campertrolley’s market by pitching it as a solution for caravan, boat and light aircraft owners alike. (A smart move: many buyers had more than one – some had all three!)

Next, we turned the spotlight on its unique user benefits for a market used to positioning van, boats or planes the hard way, focusing on its advantages over similar devices.

The client loved our ‘big boys’ toys’ opening and, as you can see from his testimonial, was delighted with the result too.

The copy had been a real sticking point; it had already delayed the site, which only needed the copy to be complete. Wolf Tracks appreciated the quick turnaround, so they could put the job to bed (and get paid!).

“I thought I had written a great product description until I gave it to Editeam. Laurie transformed my copy into a precise, informative product description. He even managed to make a dry subject more readable by adding a little humour. I will be using Editeam’s professional copywriting services again.”

– Neil McIntosh , Managing Director,
Austdan Trading Pty Ltd (Import/Export)

Clients Resort to Content Professionals

Monday, August 16, 2010

Company: Moby's Beachside Retreat

Client:Wolf Tracks

Industry/interest: Accommodation Provider

Required: Web Copy

Web developers, Wolf Tracks engaged us to create SEO content for an enviro-friendly beachside resort on the NSW Mid-North Coast.

We worked directly with the client to identify the resort’s key selling points – its close proximity to the beach, the privacy of its secluded beach huts, its award-winning café-restaurant, versatile function facilities, and on-site management.

Our SEO copy pitched the property as the perfect, close-to-the-city holiday and function venue for families, couples, weddings and other corporate and private events in modern, well-equipped accommodation and facilities. We put a particular emphasis on the local area’s abundant natural beauty.

We also rewrote the Guest Information booklet in Plain language to make it less formal and more user-friendly, and suitable for use online.

They were delighted. So was Wolf Tracks, who got the copywriting that worked well with their classy design, and was delivered on time to a fixed price.

"Laurie was very approachable. He listened to our ideas and had lots of good advice too. We are delighted we contacted Editeam to write the SEO content for our new website."

– Chris and Robyn Lemon,
Moby's Beachside Retreat,
Pacific Palms, NSW (Australia).

Web Copy in Black and White

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Company: ACME Black+White

Client: ACME Black+White

Industry/interest: Photography/Design

Required: Web Copy

ACME Black + White is not your average photography and design workshop.

In fact, it’s more like a fine-arts studio.

ACME asked Editeam to create website content that captured the design company’s artistic flair without alienating its commercial clients.

Our goal was to write concise service summaries that captured the company’s creative essence without distracting from their gallery of images.

We were able to:
* Seamlessly link our client’s disparate services.
* Establish the connection between services and resources.
* Tailor our copy to existing page templates.

Editeam’s spare copywriting struck the artistic-commercial balance: raising the company’s profile as a centre for creative excellence, without sacrificing sales enquiries.

ACME Black + White’s web copy has broadened the appeal of the company’s very specialised photography and design service.

Our Client's Star is Shining Even Brighter

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Company: Starline Security

Client: Enlive Pty Ltd

Industry/interest: Security Screens and Doors

Required: Web Copy and SEO

Brisbane company, Starline Security has a strong reputation as a supplier of security screens and doors.

The company asked us for website copywriting that reflected this.

To emphasise Starline's professionalism, customer service and reliability, we recommended the copy should highlight the case studies, feedback form, and company profile that confirmed the company’s decades-long track record.

Visitors to the website were regularly directed to a case study and feedback pages, reassuring them Starlight Security was not a ‘one-day wonder’.

The client also wanted us to incorporate effective SEO into the copy.

To achieve this, we first analysed Starlight’s products and industry. Then we wove keywords, terms and phrases into our copywriting, including headings and metatags.

Our copywriting:

* Boosted Starlight Security’s searching engine rankings.
* Delivered qualified sales leads from potential customers who were searching online for a reputable supplier.

Importantly, we achieved SEO without sacrificing readability.

The result: a happy client who is busier than ever.

Web Copy and Keywords for Prime Engineering

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Company: Prime Engineering

Client: Enlive Pty Ltd

Industry/interest: Engineering/Mechanical Manufacturing

Required:Web Copy and Keyword Research

Prime Engineering is a Brisbane-based mechanical manufacturer where precision in engineering has long been the core to the company’s success. The company was redesigning its website and required web copy that pushed it’s quality-in-engineering focus.

We achieved the web-content goals by mentioning the company’s motto; “It’s spot on; or it’s nothing at all”, on every page of the website, and connecting that idea to the services offered. There were two features of the company that helped to support the precision push – the state-of-the-art machines in the workshop, and the engineering experience of management.

One service that received a lot of attention throughout the web content and keyword research was the design and fabrication of custom machinery. We stressed that the company could only build custom machinery because of its focus on precision.

The company also required keywords and descriptions for the meta tags on each page.

Copywriting for Astro Visual Web Design

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Company: Astro Visual Web Design

Client: Astro Visual Web Design

Industry/interest: Web Design, Web Development and Hosting

Required: Web Copy

Astro Visual required new web copy for an existing website. Astro Visual wanted to position itself as a full-support service in website design and development. This service would differentiate it from most of its direct competition that were focusing on the end-user maintaining his or her own websites with a Content Management System (CMS).

Focusing on the support that the Astro Visual team provided its customers, also fitted in well with its conference-website management service. This market was a big chunk of Astro Visual’s business.

It was also important for Astro Visual to show that it could handled all online requirements for clients, so the copy ensured a visitor would see all services offered, including web design, web development, hosting and SEO.