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Web Copy in Black and White

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Company: ACME Black+White

Client: ACME Black+White

Industry/interest: Photography/Design

Required: Web Copy

ACME Black + White is not your average photography and design workshop.

In fact, it’s more like a fine-arts studio.

ACME asked Editeam to create website content that captured the design company’s artistic flair without alienating its commercial clients.

Our goal was to write concise service summaries that captured the company’s creative essence without distracting from their gallery of images.

We were able to:
* Seamlessly link our client’s disparate services.
* Establish the connection between services and resources.
* Tailor our copy to existing page templates.

Editeam’s spare copywriting struck the artistic-commercial balance: raising the company’s profile as a centre for creative excellence, without sacrificing sales enquiries.

ACME Black + White’s web copy has broadened the appeal of the company’s very specialised photography and design service.