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Sparking Interest with Web Copy

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Company: FCF Fire and Electrical

Client: Alyte Creative

Industry/interest: Fire Protection Services

Required: Web Copy

Alyte Creative needed SEO content for FCF Fire and Electrical’s new website.

The brief was to convey the company as a highly mobile team of qualified professionals able to respond to clients across the state, including those in remote locations.

The copy also had to reflect the company’s capacity to provide its fire protection and electrical services either separately or together.

We worked directly with the client, himself a hard-working and ambitious young electrician keen to expand his market and grow his business.

Our interviews, supported by content templates, made it easy for him to provide the details we needed to create punchy, engaging copy targeting commercial, industrial and residential property owners across Queensland. We wrote a section just for customers in remote areas, who often find it difficult to find a provider willing to service them.

Online sales leads have risen significantly and the company is planning to integrate a new e-commerce site for its fire protection products.