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JustRosters: The Write Solution

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Company: JustRosters

Client: JustRosters

Industry/interest: Business Services

Required: Editing

JustRosters is an Internet application that makes it easy for business owners and managers to create and distribute rosters.

JustRosters’ management asked us to rewrite the website’s content to introduce the product. Since user friendliness was the major selling point, it was vital to use easy-to-understand language.

We ensured that visitors to the site knew exactly how the product improved their business. We ensured the benefits were clearly explained while highlighting the application’s many features.

One issue with this project was explaining JustRosters’ price structure. There were several packages and each was slightly different. There was also an introductory offer to be promoted.

Our rewrite:
* cut down on wordy explanations,
* focused on customer benefits, and
* lead with the benefits.

JustRosters is not offering a service; it’s offering a solution. Visitors know exactly how this product will solve the problem with rosters.