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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Company: Campertrolley

Client:Wolf Tracks

Industry/interest: Retail Electronics

Required: Web Copy

Campertrolley is a portable, remote-controlled device that takes the frustration (and hernias) out of manoeuvering caravans, boats and light aircraft into tight spaces in congested locations.

The copy supplied by the client to web designers, Wolf Tracks focused only on the technical features of these versatile ‘mini tractors’, and targeted caravan owners. The fact that it could also be used for boats and light aircraft was almost an afterthought.

So, the first step was a logical and, as it turned out, easy one: Convince the client that our copywriting should broaden Campertrolley’s market by pitching it as a solution for caravan, boat and light aircraft owners alike. (A smart move: many buyers had more than one – some had all three!)

Next, we turned the spotlight on its unique user benefits for a market used to positioning van, boats or planes the hard way, focusing on its advantages over similar devices.

The client loved our ‘big boys’ toys’ opening and, as you can see from his testimonial, was delighted with the result too.

The copy had been a real sticking point; it had already delayed the site, which only needed the copy to be complete. Wolf Tracks appreciated the quick turnaround, so they could put the job to bed (and get paid!).

“I thought I had written a great product description until I gave it to Editeam. Laurie transformed my copy into a precise, informative product description. He even managed to make a dry subject more readable by adding a little humour. I will be using Editeam’s professional copywriting services again.”

– Neil McIntosh , Managing Director,
Austdan Trading Pty Ltd (Import/Export)